Respectable Women Don’t Wear Pants

Nowadays, not wearing underpants is a statement. It’s an act of seduction or daring or extreme forgetfulness. Going commando is whispered and giggled about. It’s funny and possibly sexy and definitely out of the ordinary. However, in the 18th century, respectable women didn’t wear pants, only whores did. When I first started looking into clothing, … Continue reading Respectable Women Don’t Wear Pants

Bracelet of woven hair

It took me by surprise, her bracelet of woven hair. I was meandering through the brilliant — and, sadly, finished — exhibition, Emma Hamilton, Seduction and Celebrity, at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. Slowly moving between the many cabinets of silver trinkets and china souvenirs from Germany and the love letters. The oil paintings … Continue reading Bracelet of woven hair