FullSizeRenderLucy Roeber is a writer who lives in London. She started this blog in 2017 for all the curiosities that she came across while doing historical research for her novel, The Posture Girl. A  collection of objects and ideas and lives and books that didn’t fit into the main story but couldn’t be left without trace; the things she couldn’t leave behind.

Recently, she’s been experimenting with literary erotica and has had short stories published under a pseudonym in Lickerish Library and the Erotic Review. She is increasingly curious about how women have written about desire throughout history and founded the erotic book club with the Hearth, a working space for women in north-west London, in June 2020. She is doing research for a book – a personal, literary journey through female desire.

Since 2015, she has worked as an editor and mentor for Cornerstones Literary Consultancy, specialising in historical fiction and historical narrative. In February 2021, she became editor of the history of pleasure section of the Erotic Review.

Her literary agent is Araminta Whitley at the Soho Agency – araminta@thesohoagency.co.uk